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Our CSR Supporters

We take pleasure in extending a helping hand to empower the socially, economically backward and deprived section of the society. It takes the contribution of the empathetic hearts to create an impact and touch millions of lives.



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Real Time Monitoring of Projects through Technology

IIF has its customised Centralized MIS Platform to monitor all projects across different geography. This platform provides real time data directly from the ground. All photographs and beneficiary details are uploaded in the Platform by the field team through the Mobile App. These data are also geotagged and time stamped.

This Platform is highly transparent and maintains data accuracy & authenticity. It keeps all the data chronologically organized, which can be easily downloaded at any point of time.
We make sure that the contributions of our donors reach the right beneficiaries and with access to this Platform the donors can easily track every activity.

The centralised dashboard enables donors

  • Track activity progress
  • Beneficiary tracking
  • Budget tracking,
  • Data Analysis

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