Our country has 65% of the population residing in the rural areas of which there are villages where people have no/ less access to clean drinking water, education and healthcare facilities.

We at IIF make strive to bring these facilities to marginal and poor communities with a motive to bridge the gaps making it available to them.

IIF focuses on partnership model and works with multi stakeholders in thrust areas of Livelihood, Education, Disaster relief, Healthcare & WASH to help the people come out of their inhibitions hence encouraging an inclusive development of the community.

We at IIF work with different stakeholders on CSR implementation programs with emphasis on,

  • Scope: IIF creates and works through a clear scope of project which will address all the issues of the location where the project is to be implemented.

  • Need based approach: IIF takes extensive baseline studies to understand the issues on project location and implementation framework created accordingly which will be in sync with thematic area of the implementing partners. Project approach will be taken by experienced professionals who have knowledge and been working in the concerned area of expertise.

  • Advocacy: IIF strongly follows advocacy approach in projects related to education apart from the direct implementation.

  • Awareness & Capacity building:IIF also conducts awareness campaigns in the areas of WASH, Education & Healthcare and intensive capacity building program on the skill development of entrepreneurs as part of Livelihood projects.

  • Project monitoring: IIF takes the part of monitoring very seriously as the impact attained by the beneficiaries is more important.

The field teams present in every project location have a tight monitoring schedule against the implementation they have done on the project locations. They are required to physically visit every location and beneficiary to input their data, so we have a time bound follow up of the project beneficiaries. The highlight in the approach of IIF is we use digital method of monitoring through platform specially designed for the purpose. This makes the process more simple and efficient for the field teams and the people at Head office, helping in a proper data flow. IIF ensures that beneficiaries are not left behind and empowered in the right way through our monitoring approach.

Our reach extends to 1 Million plus people in 5,000 plus villages across 10 states through different activities

Registration details: IIF has been registered under 12 AA and 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

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Inclusive India Foundation through its initiatives has reached out to more than 1 Million Beneficiaries across different states covering across thrust areas.

Thrust Areas:
Health Care

IIF organizes Health Clinics for the poor and marginalized section of the society. It has also conducted multiple blood donation and eye screening camps with further services like medicines, spectacles, cataract operation.


IIF also works on promoting girls' child education. Through its flagship programme EnLight a Girl Child, IIF supports the education of the girl children in rural parts of India by providing them LED Lantern, a safe and clean lighting source.

IIF also does advocacy and promotes girls' education through creating awareness on girls' education, Government Schemes for girls children, Girl Child Rights, Constitutional Acts, etc.


Livelihood is one of the thrust areas of IIF. It works on skill development and capacity building for entrepreneurship of the youth of the country. Simultaneously IIF liaison with potential employers so that trained youth can get better job opportunities and their livelihood security can be strengthen.